2023 Recap

Monday, February 6, 2023

Community Involvment

2022, what a busy year it was!  It was an election year and our members hit the pavement campaigning for our causes.  Many hours were spent by members door knocking, fundraising, and getting the word out for the public on Republican candidates.  Our group worked with other Republican organizations to find the right people to run for office for the Board of Education in Cecil County.  We were able to get one person elected to the board.  We might not have agreed on all the candidates prior to the primary but when it came down to the general election, I think most were on the same side.


Also, in 2022 we delivered lunches to some of the LEO’s in Cecil County; Rising Sun, Elkton, and Perryville.  We were able to provide lunches with monies raised and with the support of local businesses.  A special Thank you goes out to Elizabeth of ‘Heart Felt Gifts’ in Rising Sun, Queens Cuisine in Rising Sun, and the Owners of Abracadabra Pest Solutions of Elkton, Scott & Jeanette Whitten. We will finish delivering lunches to the other LEO’s in 2023.


Once again, we entered a Float in the Veterans Day Parade in Elkton


We served lunch twice this past year at the Elkton Community Kitchen and plan on doing the same in 2023,


Our group worked jointly with the Central Committee members to support conservative candidates running for office. Not only did we donate monies to the different candidates, but we also helped in manning the booth during the fair, as well as and manning booths at different polling locations during the primaries and they general election.


We worked with Pleasant View Baptist Church to get a Town Hall event for the Republicans running for the Governor’s office.  All candidates were invited but not all attended. 


Many of our members attended events this year such as Red Scarf Day in Annapolis, Leadership Conference, Spring Convention, Fall Convention, Lincoln Dinner, Red Wave Luncheon, and many other evets through out the state. 


We set up a booth during Fall Fest in Elkton where we sold tickets for our fundraiser, handed out lawn signs and talked to people in the area, getting our name out there.


We set up a table at Sunfest in Rising Sun again to get our name out to the public.


We collected school supplies to donate to schools in Cecil County.


We put a Scarecrow up in downtown Elkton for the month of October.  The scarecrow was dressed in a patriotic theme, and we titled it “Year of the Female Vote”


Once again, this year we served the public at the Cecil County Fair with the Chicken dinner.  The delegates and Andy Harris were present to serve the meal and interact with the public.  Woody’s Crab House in North East donated the chicken for the event again.


Given it was an election year we worked to make the public aware of the conservative candidates running for office.  Prior to the Primaries, we were able to put together a forum of meetings titled “Meet the Candidates” where we invited all the conservative candidates running for office so people would be better informed.  Our forums included candidates running for the following offices: Sheriff’s Department, Judge of Orphans Court, Central Committee, Board of Education, County Council, and Cecil County Register of Wills.  



Chicken Dinner at the Cecil County Fair profit was $956.44.

AR 15 Gun raffle profit was $1128.62.


Group Member Accomplishments for 2022


Jackie Gregory appointed to President of County Council

Rebecca Hamilton was elected to the County Council

Renee Dixon elected to the Board of Education

Donna Culberson re-elected to the County Council

Lyn Nickle re-elected to Register of Wills

Sandra Ward elected to Central Committee

Judy Hart awarded Citizen Volunteer of the Year

Jutilia Wilson awarded Republican of the Year

William Harris re-elected to Orphan’s Court

Matt Beers re-elected to Central Committee


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